Defining QUALITY Endodonitcs
We'll give you all the information you desire to reduce the cost of endodontics while improving your results, give you ways to shape canals that virtually eliminate the chances of instrument breakage, allow you to use your instruments multiple times safely. The results will be time and money saved and a stomach lining that is not impaired by the potential of leaving the apical portion of the instrument within the confines of the canals.

What we promise is not limited to straight canals. We are talking about your increased ability to safely shape highly curved tight tortuous canals to a dimension where they can be adequately irrigated. The basis of this promise is based on:
1. The use of reamers rather than your continued reliance on K-files. We simply state that K-files are poorly designed instruments that increase your chances of impacting debris apically, losing length and producing distortions to the outer walls of curved canals. We replace these files, with K-reamers that for multiple reasons work much better.
File vs reamer
2. The elimination of rotary instrumentation that leads to both torsional stress and cyclic fatigue the two factors most responsible for instrument breakage.
Broken NiTi
3. The substitution of a 30ยบ reciprocating handpiece oscillating at 3000-4000 cycels per minute. The arc of motion is so limited (5 minutes on the face of a clock) that there is no danger of exceeding the elastic limit of the metal used to shape the canals while the high velocity shapes the canal in little time.
4. This easy to learn system allows for the multiple usage of instruments producing dramatic savings.
5. These same instruments provide excellent tactile perception telling you exactly when you should prebend them to negotiate around an abrupt blockage.

These are just a few of the points that will make your endodontic life more effective, far safer and less expensive all of which tends to make one more positive about this particular dental discipline. If you have a desire to learn more and experience their use hands-on simply click here to make an appointment for a free hands-on demonstration at your facility.

For the most part, the endodontics you learned in dental school was determined by the companies that gave the greatest amount of grant money. You paid tuition and you deserve better. We hope to help you make up for lost ground.

Additional sources of information and participation:

Dr. Musikant also has a website where he answers questions. It is an open forum where all dentists are welcomed to contribute their thoughts.

Information on award winning two-day hands-on seminars can be found here.

Learn to define quality in endodontics without fear while saving money!

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